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What You Need to Know About Alternative Therapy for Chronic Prostatitis

Complementary and alternative medicine encompasses many different topics which include not just traditional medicines and folk therapies all over the world as well as a variety of new treatments that are not applicable in health care insurance. As a percentage of the population the amount of people who are able to enjoy the advantages of western medicine is a tiny fraction. Here are some of the most effective alternatives to treating chronic prostatitis.


Acupuncture therapy is a combination of Moxibustion, acupuncture and acupoint-specific therapy. A lot of these therapies even though they differ in their terms of technique and methods of working, are based on the fundamental concept of conventional Chinese medicine and the theories of meridians and Acupoints.

Rye pollen extract

Research has shown that rye-pollen extracts can reduce the pain and discomfort caused by chronic prostatitis. The study in British Journal of Urology confirmed that three supplements of rye pollen every day were prescribed to patients suffering from chronic prostatitis. Within six months 36% showed no signs and 42% had seen improvement.

Diet therapy

Diet therapy allows patients eat or supplement certain nutrients in accordance with a specific diet, in order that the diet can be used as a treatment. The process that uses the properties of food to control the body’s functions in order to achieve health or prevent disease. Get more info about alternative therapy for chronic prostatitis.

Magnetic underpants

This prostate care item is unique in that it is able to directly affect the prostate via biomagnetic waves, speed up the lymphatic detoxification process of the body of a person, decrease the production of prostate toxin and consequently treat prostate ailments. In reality, the cause of chronic prostatitis remains unknown, and could cause the combination of an infection with protoplasm pathogenic, inflammation and abnormal pelvic floor neuromuscular activity that cannot be treated by a similar underpants.

Herbal medicine

Based on a study carried out by the World Health Organization, about 80percent of the world’s people still use herbs to treat ailments, and 74% of all the medications that we take today have at least one molecule of a botanical. Herbal remedies are not only for the purpose of removing symptoms, but also to enhance the health of the entire body.

Sitz bath

Baths in the seat can help improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation and pain. Additionally, they can create blood vessels in the local area to improve blood circulation, enhance tissue nutrition, speed up the elimination of metabolites, help in the repair of tissue and quickly reduce or remove symptoms like discomfort and pain.


Rectal administration can have a positive impact on relieving pain of chronic prostatitis. It is frequently used in clinic. The ingredients that work are taken up by the mucosa of the rectal.

It also can connect to the hepatic portal vein by the superior rectal Vene. that runs throughout the entire body, and enter an internal vein by the lower and middle rectal veins. It can then cross the general iliac vein. into the large circulation and then reach the urogenital artery around the prostate. This allows it to serve as a local treatment and dramatically enhance the symptoms of prostate pain and discomfort in patients suffering from chronic prostatitis. Read more:


Following routine disinfection of the anal The patient should put on sterilized gloves, insert fingers into the anus, and then touch the prostate using moderate force to create pressure, and then massage the prostate using to the two sides of the lobes starting from beginning to end, in order slowly move into the center groove, from outside towards the inside. Repeat this process twice or three times for each side.

Press with your thumb of the urethra’s bulb into the mouth of the urethra in order you can ensure that your prostatic liquid will flow out or spill into the urethra. It is generally performed every week and is favorable to the release of inflammatory compounds in the prostate, improve blood circulation, and encourage the removal of inflammation. This method is not recommended for those suffering from acute prostatitis or acute urethritis and apparent tenderness.